Monday, October 10, 2011

Day 12 - What is your favorite age?

Day 12 - What is your favorite age? You'd think I'd have a quick answer to this one - 27! The age I became a mom. But, I don't think so. Along with the joy of becoming a mom, you also deal with the stresses of raising a child in a scary world, bills, and so many other things.

I'd have to go with 6. You're just starting school. Your friends are anyone who is nice to you. Life is so so innocent. Mommy and Daddy worry about all the major things. Your biggest concern is whether to play outside or inside with your barbies. At least, those were mine. Or whether I was going to mess up in my tap dance performance.

I would love to be 6 again and can't wait until Marc, Jr is 6. I'm so excited to see his innocent view of the world! :)

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