Thursday, September 8, 2011

Day 2 - 10 Things That Make Me Smile

Yay!! Posting 2 days in a row! We're off to a great start!! So Day 2 - 10 Things That Make Me Smile. This should be easy!

1. My son. I know that's what I'm supposed to say. But seriously. My son is one of the happiest babies I've ever met. He loves to talk and laugh and play and most of all, he loves his Daddy and I. The way he lights up when Marc gets home makes me tear up. He loves falling asleep on his Daddy's chest. He looks so content. So yeah, my # 1 would be my son!

2. Marc. I know. Duh, right?!?! Marc has taught me how to love, how to be loved, how to be a better person and he gave me our son. How could I not smile when I see or think of him?!?!

3. A cool breeze. I'm a sucker for cold weather. Its my favorite time of year. November - February. Yeah, we only get three months of it (at least we did in Corpus, who knows here in Houston) but I love every minute of it. I love having the windows open and feeling the cool air on my face.

4. My parents. My parents have been married for 31 years. They've raised 3 kids. I hope Marc and I have a marriage as strong as my parents.

5. Listening to Marc and the baby talk. Its the best sound ever. Marc is crazy about Marc, Jr. and vice versa.

6. My favorite song first thing in the morning. Its hard to hear Texas Country up here so turning on my iPod and setting it to shuffle and then my favorite song comes on is the best thing ever!

7. A clean house. Not that it ever really happens anymore, but yeah. My clean house makes me smile.

8. My friends. Even though we're not in the same city, talking to them every day puts a big smile on my face and makes the days easier.

9. Our dog Goose. He's such a goofy little lab. Well, he's not little. He's huge. But, his faces and the way he is with Marc (both of them) makes me smile.

10. Where I'm at in life. Its taken a lot for me to get here and I'm so happy. I have the perfect little family and friends and I'm so incredibly happy.