Wednesday, September 7, 2011

30-Day Blog Challenge

So, I'm going to attempt to update my blog every day for 30 days in a row. Here's to hoping! :) I'm not going to follow one particular list - I'd like the option of choosing a challenging one! So for the first day, here we go!

Day 1: Introduce, recent picture of yourself, 15 interesting facts
So for you (my very few readers), here is a brief introduction. I am a mother of one (two if you count my dog child), recently relocated to Houston with my fiance and am in desperate need of a hobby!!

This picture was taken on Saturday, Sept 3, 2011. Its the most recent one there is! :)

So for 15 interesting facts... Hmmmm...

1. I became a Mommy when I was 27
2. I actually met my fiance when he was 15 and I was 19. I chaperoned a school trip for my God sister, Cassie, my God brother, Marvin, and my future baby daddy, Marc. Creeper much? :)
3. My friends gave me the nickname, Chuck, and I still answer to it to this day even though there really isn't a reason to anymore.
4. I LOVE lemonade. I don't care if it's too sweet, too bitter, or whatever. If it's lemonade, I'll drink it. Oh, and its best served over ice with vodka! ;)
5. My favorite time of day is right after my son wakes up in the morning and he wants to "talk". I can't wait until he really does talk!
6. I used to love the beach and the ocean but not so much recently. It kinda bothers me that I can't see the ocean floor. And sand just shouldn't go in certain places.
7. Marc and I have only been together just over a year and we have a son who is just over 3 months old. Yeah, it all came pretty fast but I wouldn't change a thing about it. I'm with a man who makes me smile every day, makes me laugh every day, and reminds me what its like to be loved. Why make love wait?
8. I lived with a ghost when I lived in San Antonio growing up. I would always see him walking to the back of the house. I would also have dreams of being suffocated. My dad later said it was probably the ghost since I took his room. Creepy.
9. I've had some of the same friends since 6th grade. Yeah we loose touch every once in a while but they've always been there when I need them.
10. I am the first born granddaughter on either side of the family. Spoiled much?
11. My son's cousins are at least 13 years older than him.
12. I plan on starting to try for a second child when my son is a year old. Hopefully that plan works out the way I want it to.
13. The only initials I will ever have tattooed on my body are already there. M for my dad, G for my mom, J for my brother and S for my sister.
14. I can't leave the house without my jewelry. I feel naked.
15. I love anything that sparkles! I mean, duh! I'm a girl! :)

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