Sunday, September 16, 2012

Weekend Update!

My parents came into town this weekend and as always we had a blast! They usually arrive on Friday in time to go have dinner. This trip we chose Pappadeux. We haven't been since we first moved here. So delicious! I had the most amazing wedge salad and seafood gumbo!!

Saturday we ventured to the other side of Houston and did some furniture shopping and hit a few guitar stores for my dad and Marc. We were literally two hours from home being on that side of Houston. But, it was nice to see the other side. We don't get over there that often. We made hamburgers (Delicious by the way!) and hung out outside that evening.

Sunday we had breakfast and my parents headed back to Corpus. I love when they come and so does Baby Marc. He loves his GiGi and Grandpa! Pictures soon!!

We're hitting the terrible two's early in our household. Marc only listens to his Dad. Runs when you tell him to come here. Gets into things he knows he shouldn't. He came out of his room today carrying a huge toy that was still in the box, handed it to his Dad and yelled at him. I guess he really wanted to play with his new toy. Marc put it together and this kid played with the box more than the toy!! He cracks me up.

Hope you all (my 4 followers) had an amazing weekend!

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