Thursday, September 13, 2012


So, I'm doing a little pre-fall cleaning. We currently rent our home. My landlord's grandson maintains all of the homes she has and makes any needed repairs and does all the maintenance work. We actually did some maintenace work ourselves because it takes him forever to come out and he does a half-ass (excuse my language) job.

I decided it was time to clean the windows in my living room again. I've done it once really quickly and walked away. I was pregnant and it was hot outside. Well, I went out to do them again today and OMG! Disgusting! I was gagging. Dirt is literally caked on the windows. And I'm pretty sure its not just from the past year. That stuff is probably 30 years old. Then I decided to wash my cabinets in the kitchen. Just use a little kitchen spray and be done. Well, you know a crappy job was done painting when the paint comes OFF of the cabinets when you're cleaning them. UGH!! I HATE this house.

I can't wait until we can buy a home or build one. Then when I go to clean, at least I'm cleaning MY family's dirt!!

End rant.

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