Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Ok, so I know I said back in April I would update once my crazy child went down for a nap. Granted, he did go down for a nap that day, but I probably did, too!

The last year has been AMAZING!! We celebrated my son's Baptism in September 2011, his first Thanksgiving, his first Christmas, his first New Years, his first Easter, his first birthday AND his Daddy and I got married in May!!

Its been a great summer so far, as well. We went to an Astros game the first weekend of July. Marc loved it. His cousins and Aunt Audra came and visit for a while and then Marc went to stay with his Aunt Audra, Uncle Marty and cousins in Corpus Christi for a week. He spent time with his Gigi and Grandpa, Mia and Pa, Aunt Laura and Aunt Natasha and my Godmother and her granddaughter. Marc and I were so happy to have him home but enjoyed the week together. We went on our honeymoon to Gruene, TX and San Antonio, TX. I forgot my camera so sorry. No pictures.

I've decided to kind of go in a new direction with the blog. After trying to decide on something to do that is just me, I decided that since I love to cook and try new things that I would blog about our cooking adventures. We love to BBQ, bake, pan fry, fry, you name it we like to try it. So, mixed in with sporadic updates about our little family, I will post a few new recipes every week. I'm hoping I stick with it. I have my hubby's support and he's excited to try all the new recipes!!

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