Monday, November 21, 2011


So, Thanksgiving is 3 days away. The turkey's have been thawing since Friday night. Yes, I said Turkey's. Marc is frying 2. We'll have turkey coming out of our ears! :) Marc's sisters and their families couldn't make it so it will be us, his parents, his cousin Denise, and I think our friends Brian and Ashley and their son, Noah. Brian's parents are our amazing neighbors and they'll be out of town but Brian and Ashley can't go so we of course invited them over. They're like family.

I've slowly started cleaning but the baby is teething and not feeling 100% so he's been pretty clingy.

Christine and Guy get into town tomorrow and I am SOOOOO freaking excited! We're having chicken tortilla soup for dinner and we plan on just hanging out. I'm going to pull out my little Christmas box so she can help me go through that. She'll be able to help me figure out what I still need.

I hope everyone has a Blessed Thanksgiving! :)

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