Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Ok, so here we go. This is my first time "Blogging", so I guess I'll start off by telling a little about my little family.

Marc and I reconnected in August of last year and its been an incredible journey ever since. We found out we were expecting our child not long after we got together. Surprise! But, an AMAZING surprise. I am so blessed and so lucky to have him by my side. We found out on January 24th that we would be having a baby boy and I quickly became outnumbered!

We also have a 13 month old dog, Goose, who makes me feel like I already have a 13 month old human child but I love him.

In February, Marc moved us up to Houston, which is where we will be raising our little family and growing together. We're excited for this next venture in our lives - But I'm TOTALLY FREAKED OUT about being a first time mom without my family and friends close by. We find out next week when "Baby Boy", as he is often called, will be gracing us with his presence. I am counting down the days. I've loved being pregnant but I'm also over it. I just want to meet this kid already! =)

So basically, I started this blog at the suggestion of one of my best friends, Christine, whom also recently started blogging. She lives in Arkansas and this will be one way she can watch her little Marcy Marc grow up.

Some days, there won't be any posts at all and some days the posts will be all about how I want to pull my hair out but love my family. Bare with me as I learn the "ins and outs" of blogging. =)

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