Monday, August 27, 2012

Mini Update & Prep for ANOTHER Road Trip

So, this past weekend was filled with lots of family time, cooking, and adventures! I love weekends like this! Friday night we went to dinner at Olive Garden (This is a big deal in our house. My hubby is not a fan of Olive Garden at all and I am in LOVE with their soup and salad. I am pleased to report he enjoyed his meal!) and kept it early since Marc had to be at work at 5:00 on Saturday morning.

Saturday, Marc came home by 11:00 and we laid around listening to the rain for a while. Marc, Jr. enjoyed playing with his Dad. He takes Daddy's walkie talkie and walks around the house with it like he's working, too. I'll try and catch some pictures of that! We finally got up and went to the mall (I HATE going to the mall) and bought our Bubby some new Sperry's. He was walking around showing them off in the Dillard's shoe department. It was hilarious. So now, Daddy, Mommy and Bubby all have matching Sperry's. Cute, huh? I made fish tacos for dinner (we were starving so there was no blogging this recipe - I'll blog it next time. I LOVE these fish tacos) and watched TV and hung out around the house.

We found out a couple of months ago that Marc's best friend and one of my closest friends (who are married) are having a baby and ITS A BOY!!! So, Bubby has a new BFF coming in December. We spent most of yesterday trying to find him a camo diaper bag and some Wrangler onesies like Candace got for our son. We're not having any luck. I think its still too early. So, that mission still continues!

We're going to Corpus this weekend. Marc's 24th birthday is on Friday and he and my dad will be working on our truck Saturday. We'll be BBQ'ing for his birthday and my dad's birthday which was last week. We're excited to see all of our family and friends but I'm already stressing about traveling. These short trips seem to exhaust me and stress me out more than the longer trips. But, I'm sooooo ready to be surrounded by our loved ones!! :)

Helping Mommy Clean

He loves bath time!!

My love bug :)

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