Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day 21 - A picture + 15 facts about someone special

This was a hard one to choose. But, I chose to do my son since actually choosing 15 facts about a soon to be 5 month old can be difficult! So, here goes!

1. He weighed 10 lbs 14 oz and was 21 in when he was born! My little linebacker!
2. He's been holding his head up since he was 1 day old.
3. He probably has a hundred nicknames but the most common ones are Baby Boy, Marky, and Marky Marc.
4. His closest cousin in age is 13 years older than him.
5. He's been on 'vacations' once a month since he was born!
6. He has 3 heart murmurs, an enlarged left aorta, and a thick heart muscle but the doctors predict they'll be cleared up in a year!
7. He had cradle cap so bad his hair fell out.
8. He only had 3 newborn outfits he actually fit into.
9. He's already wearing 9 month size clothes.
10. We're hoping he'll have a little brother or sister in the next year and a half.
11. He loooves talking to his GiGi and Aunt Audra on the phone.
12. His favorite food is sweet carrots and applesauce and bananas.
13. He is a drool monster! Those teeth will be here before we know it!
14. Mommy and Daddy love him more than anything!
15. He only falls asleep cuddled up to Mommy!

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