Thursday, October 20, 2011


So these next few weeks in the Munoz/Huck household are going to be CRAZY!!

This weekend we are going to tackle household projects that have unfortunately been put on the back burner. Cutting the grass, fancying up my little garden. I was so disappointed to see that a storm had toppled over my HUGE hibiscus. So, after weeks of putting it off, we are going to try and salvage it this weekend. Its still green and seems to be growing but I don't know where it bent or if it was just uprooted.

Its also time to clean out the garage. Normally we park my car in the garage but we got new furniture a while ago and the old couches have taken up residence in my once organized garage. So, either a guy from Marc's work is coming to pick them up or we're taking them to Goodwill. Either way, they're hitting the road. I need to do some "winter" cleaning and organizing. I did take out the few "winter" clothes we have and washed them and hung them. I went through my side of the closet for clothes to take to Goodwill. Marc needs to go through his but I doubt things will actually get taken out.

We'll be traveling a lot too. My God sister, Cassie, is getting married on the 29th so we'll be making our way to Corpus on the 28th. We've got her wedding, Marc's got a bachelor party on the 28th to host, I have a bachelorette party on the 29th to attend after Cass' wedding. Sunday I'm sure is family lunch then heading home. Marc Jr is going to spend the night with his Aunt Audra since GiGi and Grandpa will be helping with Cassie's wedding and Marc and I are going out afterwards. My first night away from my baby. Not sure how I'll handle it.

Well be home the next weekend then its back to Corpus the 10th thru 13th of November for our best friends Candace and Marty's wedding. Marc's the best man. So, we've gotta be there early. Marc Jr will be staying with my parents while we're at the wedding and rehearsal. Too much going to be going on and I want to be able to enjoy myself.

Then its Thanksgiving. We're staying in Houston. Not sure if I'm hosting for Marc's family or if we're going to go to my cousin's house. Either way, its going to be sad not spending it with my family. I am a woman of tradition and not being with my family is going to be tough. But, I'm so excited to celebrate Marc Jr's first Thanksgiving! :)


  1. Feels great to donate stuff, I get rid of stuff all the time, I hate clutter!
    It feels refreshing :) lol.

    Safe travels. Sorry about not spending thanksgiving in cc, there is always xmas!

  2. Me too! But, I can never seem to get rid of everything! I am so ready to tackle the garage but Marc is at work right now and I am not brave enough to do it on my own. I'd get in trouble for just throwing everything away! :)